I think I found my true purpose in life.
Monday, February 22, 2010

And that is to own a MacBook Pro. :D

Though a little expensive, but damn, is it magnificent.

And I've set it up with my LCD display, and so, one laptop, two screens! NEAT!

Gonna save up another $100 or so for some extra protection for it... Hehehehehehe...

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I'm 42.195 certified!
Sunday, December 06, 2009

Did something huge today, so kinda felt like boasting about it. I'VE COMPLETED 42.195 KM TODAY AT THE STANDARD CHARTERED SINGAPORE MARATHON! WOOHOO!

Never felt so crappy before during the run itself, or rather, the walk. Ran 13km before John injured his knee, so we basically WALKED 29km. And I must say it ain't easy. Wore a shoe that wasn't really seasoned for the run today, and the result was, well, my legs just doesn't feel like mine. Totally horrendous experience, and I am NOT GONNA DO IT. AGAIN. FOREVER.

Block leave approaching, just gonna get past the coming week of crap and I can finally switch off for the year(which doesn't last long after that).


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Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm booking in at 7am and I can't fucking sleep. How great is that? FUCK!

It's gonna be a pretty screwed up week ahead. Army Wayang Show Open House coming up, and my dear bike is gonna keep screaming:"FILL ME UP, BITCH!"

Liao chor ah... Sobs...

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Should I close it?
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kinda forget that I do actually have a blog. Have been too busy/lazy to even access blogger. It's about time to tidy up my blog with a new skin, but that will be put on hold till I, er... find some time.

Anyway, finally done with AHM training! MY LEGS CAN FINALLY TAKE A BREAK! But the finale of 21km was pretty tough. Have been driving around too much to realise that Esplande and ECP Macs is actually so god damn fucking far apart. So, I AM NEVER EVER GONNA DO IT AGAIN. NOPE, NEVER!

Schedule till the end of the year's pretty packed. Army Open House's rehearsals are gonna take up my August, preparations for Wallaby taking up my Sept, and going Australia for 2 weeks from 20th Oct till 6th Nov. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

See? No time to blog already. Damn it.

And please do visit Army Open House this year, it's pretty interesting, I must say. But I can't reveal much, if I said anymore, I'd have to kill you. Not.

But anyway, please visit due to the fact that I'd be sitting in the middle of the parade square doing basically nothing. Thanks. -.-

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Back again. and again, and again.
Sunday, May 03, 2009

Kinda forced to blog because I have nothing else to do. That's how bored my Saturday went.

Realized that more and more people are coughing and sniffing out in the streets. Hopefully the swine influenza really hits SG, but please do not raise the dorscon level while I'm in camp. PLEASE. I can't really imagine what I'll do if I get confined in camp for the whole duration.

And my life keeps revolving about not having enough money to spend on myself (except my lungs). I'd pour $250 without fail every month on my bike installments, and on some months, around $200 on repayment of debts. Gonna spend another $300 on a new pair of tires for my bike. That leaves me with $780-250-300= $230 for May. That 400cc monster is really sucking my dough dry. DAMN! But no choice, it's the only thing I could spend on anyway. lol

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a summary exercise I had last week. Lasted 2 and a half days, and I was only awake for one. That's how boring engineers are. :(

Anyway, moving back to neesoon for a week of shake leg and IT'S OVER! NO MORE TRAINEE LIFE! YES ARH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to heeren to celebrate DK's b-day today. Kinda weird looking at the couples walking by and there we are with 5 guys creating a din at Waraku. Totally made a fool of ourselves, but the main idea was to be HAPPY mah! Go out not happy might as well stay at home, lol.

Totally felt like a retard playing mj at dk's hse just now... Won a lil' bit, but better than losing, I guess...


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Survived the toughness
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Been thru mental torture for the past 2 weeks, but nevertheless, still walking today. But this CNY was bad, really bad. Financially, that is. I'm deep in debt, thanks to my bike, and then I've lost about $150 during this festive season. Bo lui liao lah...

Gonna go fight back this weekend, but it might be a good idea to go Loyang to do some prayers before that... LOL

20 more days till I get my 3 chevron stripes! :D

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